Monday, November 9, 2009

Demo #2

On November 29, I did a demo at Water Street Gallery. I painted a 24x36 because it's so hard for people to get a real glimpse of what you are doing if you do a smaller painting. I wanted to emphasize developing your own style and painting BIG! Something interesting happened. The painting was almost finished when the demo was over. I put the a few finishing touches on it at home. When I took it back to the gallery the color was extremly cool and raw. I hadn't realized the light in my studio (which in real life is my kitchen) had gradually been switched to warm light. It made a huge difference. I added warm touches and now I'm pleased with the finished product. The lesson is to be sure what kind of light your painting under. I had a cool light directed at my painting but it wasn't enough. We can be easily tricked.

I've painted this scene before but it was in the spring. This is a pond at the Botanical Garden in San Antonio. It's a beautiful garden worth the visit and they have fabulous lunches!

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