Monday, May 4, 2009


Jack Daniels and Bucky 8xl0

Bubble Boy 16x20

Skye 16x20

One of the reasons I wanted to set up a blog is to be able to show things that will never be in a gallery. These paintings fall in that category. I have been swimming for exercise for several years. I began to be fascinated by the colors of the water and the way the light effected it. It ran from dark, deep blues to warm greens and yellows and bright whites. I decided to do a series on the pool. I didn't stop to think about the figures I would be adding or I might have turned back. It was a huge strectch. I had to work from photos of course and just catching a figure swimming is complicated. The affects of the distortion of the water on the figures were really amazing. But I also wanted to have some views from under the water. I finally had my best success when I turned my grandkids loose with underwater cameras. Painting my grandchildren was simple of course, because they are so gorgeous. The last one is of my grandaughter, Skye. This second is Nolan and the first is definitely people not related to me. Seriously, this man's name is Jack Daniels. The painting is called Jack Daniels and Bucky. I bet you can guess which one is Jack!


  1. I absolutely love the one of Skye and know this will be a treasure for her to keep always and pass on to her children.

  2. this is so real, Congratulations!
    i loved!
    the colors are strong and made me feel in side the paint!